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Following On

Last week I was venting about people in this Country moaning why we can’t be the same as Australia. My mood wasn’t appeased after reading comments from a New Zealand trainer who won more money that anyone at the recent excellent carnival in Brisbane, one who is rather renowned for slagging off at all and sundry when things don’t suit him.
Pete Cook | 29/7/2021


As I think I’ve said before, I get angry when I hear industry participants bleat on about why can’t we be like Australia. Well, last week was the perfect answer to that question, as if there weren’t enough obvious reasons such as population difference, and the fact that big money is offered for our horses, whereas our neighbours sell very few overseas.
Pete Cook | 22/7/2021

Farewell Forbury

There was a certain irony in a horse by the name of Dodgethebullet winning the final race to be staged on the Forbury Park track. Let’s face it that venue has been dodging bullets from various parts of the racing industry for quite a few years.
Pete Cook | 15/7/2021

The Wee Man in the Gold Helmet

I know everybody and his dog has written tributes to Ricky May, and so they should have, but I feel it’s appropriate for this website to contribute also, as the man from Methven is probably the epitome of what our game is all about.
Pete Cook | 8/7/2021
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