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Just a note to advise that the reason there have been no recent updates of the site, is that a new Secretary has yet to be appointed.
Pete Cook | 25/10/2023


When you’ve been involved in various ways in a job for more than 36 years, or about half your life, it is a bit of a wrench to give it up. However, for a number of reasons, I’ve decided that it’s time to call time on my time as Secretary of the Trainers & Drivers Assn, as I have no wish to simply hang around until I’m not capable of doing a decent job anymore.
Pete Cook | 10/8/2023

Impaired Driving

Pretty much everyone knows that driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is fraught with danger. Doing the same when driving a horse in a race, or anywhere else come to that, is arguably even more dangerous to both the person and other drivers.
Pete Cook | 28/7/2023

Canterbury Programming Committee

After more than a decade of asking for it to happen, the T&D is pleased to advise that a Canterbury Programming Committee finally caught up with the rest of the Country. and met for the first time earlier this week.
Pete Cook | 21/7/2023

Sapere Reports

There has to be questions about the value of the recent Sapere reports that were commissioned to investigate the viability of racecourses in Southland and Canterbury. I have no idea of the costs involved, but judging by the results to date, on the face of it, they appear to be too high.
Pete Cook | 9/6/2023

Entain Roadshow

It was disappointing to see the timing of the Christchurch edition of this event (9.30am), particularly from the point of view of horse trainers. On enquiring from the TAB, I found that this situation was brought about by the late planning due to having to wait for the Ministerial approval,
Pete Cook | 1/6/2023
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