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Addington Meet and Greet

As mentioned last week, a delegation from the Association’s Greater Canterbury Branch met with Addington representatives, including new CEO Brian Thompson.
Pete Cook | 28/3/2019

Addington Perception

Was at a meeting with Addington officials the other day, including the new CEO Brian Thompson, and I came away with a sense of ‘dejavu’.
Pete Cook | 22/3/2019

The Future – Good or Bad

To someone who didn’t even bother to turn up to the School Certificate Science exam, this is way above my head, but for those who can understand it, hopefully it makes interesting reading for the future of our Industry.
Pete Cook | 15/3/2019

Poor Relation or Just Bias

It’s nothing new for precious harness fans to get the impression that Trackside looks upon their code as the second class citizen, and given the percentage betting figures, there is some justification in that.
Pete Cook | 7/3/2019
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