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The National Council of the NZHT&D Association - July 2024

(L-R) Brett Gray, Brad Steele, Jamie Gameson, Regan Todd, Scott Phelan, Jay  Abernethy.

The National Council of the NZHT&D Association was one of the first groups off the rank to meet with newly appointed CEO of HRNZ Brad Steele in Christchurch yesterday.
A number of issues were discussed in an honest, open forum.
The Council look forward to meeting with Brad on a regular basis, working in a collaborative manner.


July Newsletter


Welcome  *|FNAME|*

Welcome to the first ever newsletter from the New Zealand Harness Trainers & Drivers Association.

You're receiving this as you are a licence holder with Harness Racing New Zealand.

It is this Association’s aim to be more engaging with our members and this newsletter is a result of that, something you can look forward to on a bi-monthly basis.

We plan to keep our members informed on what is happening within the Association, as we represent you in our wonderful sport of Harness Racing.

We’ll be supplying you with information we feel you need to know in a more direct manner, with our members best interest at heart.

Here you’ll find articles, any updates that we feel you need to know, links to items of interest including our YouTube channel, which we hope you will visit to see some interesting people being interviewed.

We’ll also be asking your opinion on matters through our polls, giving your representatives on committees a mandate to move things forward.

As any good Association citizen, we plan to develop as we go, with sponsorship, competitions , prizes and regular contributors on our radar.

We welcome feedback and ideas on what you want to see in your newsletter, so use the feedback form if you’d like to get in touch.

All of our National Council members are listed at the bottom of this newsletter, and, if you have any concern at all or you’d like some support from the Association, don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we will do our best to support you.

Remember we represent you, our licence holders.

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The National Council incorporates each areas main representatives and regularly meets usually twice a year in person, and more regularly by Zoom meetings throughout the year as the need arises. National President is Jay Abernethy.

While each represents their individual territories , it is as a collective that decisions are made and voted on, with plans put into action.

With so much change going on within the industry, it is imperative that we as a collective and whose livelihoods depends on, the decisions made by the powers that be are challenged and debated so that members views are the forefront of those in positions to make a difference are heard.

We will be supplying regular updates on meeting issues and progress, taking the collective and diplomatic approach to solving problems.

Recent meetings have been over some licencing issues and the huge amount of work

undertaken by John Mooney for the Utilisation Reference Group.

Continuous improvement of our industry participants regarding their knowledge and professionalism is important for our sport, to meet the standards expected of a professional sporting organisation. NZTR and GRNZ have already started professional development programmes and HRNZ is looking to implement compulsory Continued Professional Development (CPD) for our licenced participants.

At this early stage HRNZ is working with the Trainers and Drivers Association to identify relevant topics and sessions that would be of benefit to everyone. Currently these have been to provide information only and have been in the form of online education modules such as ‘Preparing for a Stable Audit’ and another education piece providing more information on the ‘Accountable Person Regulation’.

It was suggested by the TDA that some more information on Health & Safety would be appreciated, so HRNZ is working with a Health & Safety consultant to develop templates specific for Trainers, these should be available by the end of June. We will continue to work with the TDA to identify other areas that will be beneficial for participants.

Natalie Gameson



The NZ Harness Trainers & Drivers Association is delighted that Entain/TAB NZ are sponsors of this fun prize for the current season. A $250 betting voucher will go to the trainer of the horse paying the top dividend every two months, and there will be an ultimate $1,000 prize to the overall winner for the season.
The first voucher will be for the period 1 July to 31 August 2024

Entain/TAB NZ are generously contributing to stakes in a number of ways and it is really pleasing to have them also reward trainers directly with this fun prize.

Feedback Survey

If you have any feedback you would like to give the Association with regards to this newsletter idea, or something you feel you’d like to bring our attention to please complete the survey below and include your Name and contact details.


Keep watch for our next newsletter which will be published 1st September 2024

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