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Race Day Prelims

I know it sounds like common sense, but apparently there have recently been a couple of occasions where the application of that emotion was absent.
Pete Cook | 18/12/2019

Stands v Mobiles

There seems to be a fashionable trend by some in the Industry (not for the first time) to move away from standing starts and go virtually all mobile, and I notice the Southern Harness are looking at following it.
Pete Cook | 12/12/2019

Cadets Awards Night

This year, I was, for the second time, invited to attend the Canterbury Cadets Prize Giving night held at the Casino. Once again it was a pleasure to see how many young people were mad keen to make a career in harness racing, with 31 cadets on the 2019 Roll Call, the same as the previous year.
Pete Cook | 5/12/2019
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