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Entain Roadshow

It was disappointing to see the timing of the Christchurch edition of this event (9.30am), particularly from the point of view of horse trainers. On enquiring from the TAB, I found that this situation was brought about by the late planning due to having to wait for the Ministerial approval,
Pete Cook | 1/6/2023

Two Milers

It seems to be widely accepted that the Country Cups Final the other week was one of the best races witnessed for a long time.
Pete Cook | 26/5/2023

Withholding Time List

A number of years ago, the Association’s National Council asked me to find out if the NZ Vet Association would provide a list of withholding time for various drugs and treatment, in other words, how long after a treatment a horse could race, without providing a positive swab result.
Pete Cook | 12/5/2023

Whip Use Video

After what seemed to be an unnecessary delay, the RIB has released the promised video to assist in understanding the whip rules, to what have been mixed reviews.
Pete Cook | 21/4/2023

Whip use Video

Following a meeting with the Trainers & Drivers Assn, the Racing Integrity Board has, in conjunction with Trackside, produced a video outlining what is, and is not, acceptable in regards to whip use by drivers.
Pete Cook | 24/3/2023

Whip Rule Submission

Following a recent meeting with Racing Integrity Board officials, at which the Association was requested to provide a submission on Whip Rules, the following submission has been forwarded:
Pete Cook | 24/2/2023
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