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Sapere Reports

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 9 June 2023
There has to be questions about the value of the recent Sapere reports that were commissioned to investigate the viability of racecourses in Southland and Canterbury. I have no idea of the costs involved, but judging by the results to date, on the face of it, they appear to be too high.

Many of the recommendations made in the far South were reversed after the ‘facts’ they were basing their opinions on were challenged and proven to be misleading and ill-informed at best, and now the HRNZ Board has apparently questioned some of the figures and findings in the Canterbury one. That in itself is healthy, in order that a repeat of the embarrassing Southland one can be avoided.

The problem is that the likes of the Rangiora club have to wait even longer to learn their fate, understandably unwilling to make necessary improvements until they are sure of their future, while celebrating their 75th year in existence.

Hopefully common sense will prevail…and soon.

Pete Cook

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