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Preliminary Meeting Notice

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 4 July 2020
Following the end of lockdown, the Canterbury Branch of the Trainers & Drivers Assn. has planned to host a meeting of license-holders and HRNZ officials, including the new Interim CEO, Phil Holden. However it was considered that this would be pointless until all relevant information outlining the future was to hand. With the imminent release of the calendar for next season, that time has now arrived.
Now, more than ever, if stake levels are to be maintained, let alone increase, it is imperative that horses are spread more evenly between meetings than previously, and that as many horses as possible are racing on our best turnover times, i.e. Friday night. Therefore, from an Industry point of view, it will be necessary to overhaul programming and nomination procedures to resolve this major problem.
To give the meeting some form of order, the plan is to contact all Greater Canterbury area license-holders giving them the opportunity to submit questions or issues that they wish to have discussed at the meeting. These will be collated and circulated to all license-holders and HRNZ along with details of the meeting time and venue, in the form of an agenda, so that they can be considered prior to the meeting, and any answers can be formulated.
If you have a question or issue, please submit it to the undersigned as soon as possible at or register it through the horseman’s website
Pete Cook

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