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New Whip Rules 2

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 15 October 2020
Two weeks following the introduction of the new whip rules and it seems that most drivers are getting the hang of them, according to Head Steward Nick Ydgren. He recently reported to the Association:
“I met up with the Stewards today to discuss progress with the whips and I must pass on, for the most part, a big congratulations on how the drivers are going so far around the country. Whilst we have spoken to a large number of drivers, we did anticipate that and its pleasing to say that most haven't been back.”
There does seem to be some confusion about the definition of ‘continuous’ when it comes to using the whip, so Nick has asked us to pass on that 5 flicks without pause to allow the horse to respond, is the maximum allowed.
Pete Cook


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