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Catching Up with Technology

After being talked about for a number of years and promised in a presentation during the last HRNZ Annual Conference, it seems that microchipping of horses is finally upon us, with the following announcement:
Pete Cook | 26/11/2021

Starting Regulations

We are all aware of the importance of starting races on time, despite the fact that on many occasions in Australian thoroughbred racing, it doesn’t seem to be quite so critical. Most will have received a draft copy of the long-awaited new regulations covering race starts in this Country.
Pete Cook | 19/11/2021

Cup Day… Well Sort Of

The racing was as good as ever, the weather was fairly typical, cool but fine, but this years’ Cup Day was anything but typical. As one of the lucky ones to be able to attend as part of the Sires Stakes Board so I could maintain my 53 year streak of being there, being in a bubble was a very apt description of the day, like looking out at an unbelievable situation.
Pete Cook | 12/11/2021

HRNZ Meeting

The Trainers & Drivers National Council met with Catherine McDonald and Gary Woodham from HRNZ this week, with a wide range of topics discussed.
Pete Cook | 5/11/2021
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