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Number Limits

Many years ago, in what would now be considered the ‘dark ages’, harness racing’s governing body mandated that anyone over the age of 65 would not be allowed to drive in races. This meant stars of their era, such as Derek Jones and Maurice Holmes, were forced into premature retirement, the latter proving how stupid the decision was by driving four winners at his last meeting.
Pete Cook | 24/9/2021

Trial Times

As we all know, punctuality is an essential part of taking horses to the races, presenting them late on the track can cause all sorts of problems, and sometimes a loss of revenue, so it is pleasing to see that a recent crackdown on discretions this by the Stewards seems to have done the trick.
Pete Cook | 17/9/2021

Vulnerable to Nature

Just when we thought the grass track season was about to kick off, that all-powerful lady, Mother Nature said otherwise, with damage to the Mount Harding track rendering it unfit overnight.
Pete Cook | 10/9/2021

One on One

Any of you that haven’t caught up with the latest Greg O’Connor series of “One on One,” featuring interviews with various Industry personalities are missing some gems.
Pete Cook | 2/9/2021
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