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Lockdown Laws

I think it’s fair to say that most people agree with, and respect the direction orders that government departments have ruled should be followed by HRNZ and industry participants. However, now that we are becoming accustomed to conditions under Level 4, maybe it’s time to revisit a couple of the protocols before (heaven forbid) we are shut down again.
Pete Cook | 27/8/2021

Innovation & Whip Use

Hats off to HRNZ and the two Clubs involved in trying (at time of writing still subject to alert levels changing) to cobble together a race meeting that will cater for all horses wanting to race in Canterbury this weekend.
Pete Cook | 19/8/2021

Handicapping Changes

After months of discussion with HRNZ over recommendations from the Trainers & Drivers Assn., the governing body has announced a number of significant changes to the Handicapping System.
Pete Cook | 5/8/2021
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