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Award Functions

With the change of horse’s birthday being approved, there will be slight complications to the time that qualification for season awards cover for this and next year.
Pete Cook | 18/6/2021

The Last Jewels?

Last Sunday saw the thirteenth edition of the Harness Jewels since GTH Aveross caused a monumental upset in the first race of the first one. According to reports, the latest, thanks to the efforts of Cambridge Raceway, was successful and certainly, as usual, there was some pretty spectacular racing. Will it be the last, only time and a lot of discussion will tell.
Pete Cook | 10/6/2021

Social Media

Being a rather private person, the idea of posting my movements and ideas on line (well apart from those about harness racing), doesn’t appeal. However, whether we like it or not, social media is a part of everyday life, with or without my participation.
Pete Cook | 4/6/2021
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