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New Whip Rules

As you may already know, from 1 October there will be new rules surrounding the use of the whip in force in this Country. While there will be those who will find it difficult to accept that such changes are necessary, the reality is that we have to fit in with the way the rest of the World is moving.
Pete Cook | 27/8/2020

Sires Stakes Update

Just when you think things have returned to some form of normality, this pesky virus rears it’s very ugly head again, and throws future plans into uncertainty.
Pete Cook | 20/8/2020


As you know, as from this season all Standardbreds will have microchips implanted to improve identification methods. In response to some questions from a member, HRNZ’s Liz Bishop has outlined the research that was undertaken prior to the introduction, which may be of interest. This is what she said.
Pete Cook | 13/8/2020

Need a Solicitor?

It is not a policy of the Trainers & Drivers Assn. to promote particular businesses, however when some entity volunteers to assist with an important matter, it seems only fair that we should offer some reciprocal favours.
Pete Cook | 7/8/2020
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