Learn about Gastric Ulcers

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Learn about Gastric Ulcers

NZ Harness Trainers & Drivers Assn
Published by Harness Racing New Zealand in News · 2 December 2021
View the video on YouTube by clicking on this link https://youtu.be/eQT-2_wij4M

See Professor Ben Sykes from Massey University explain the intricacies of gastric ulcer disease in horses.

In this short video, he shows us the different areas within the horse’s stomach and how each area has its own specific type of ulceration. He describes the causative factors leading to ulceration and both treatment and management options to heal or prevent the disease. This is a clear and concise video of relevance to all horse owners.

The New Zealand Equine Research Foundation (NZERF) is a charitable trust created to foster education and research in the New Zealand Horse Industry. The Trust believes that the video may be of interest to your members and would welcome the distribution of the video in any communication that you may have to your members or a link to the video may be placed on your website.

NZERF is grateful to the Rodmor Charitable Trust which has generously sponsored this video and the video library.

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