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Published by Pete Cook in News · 11 February 2021
Its’ yearling Sales time once again, obviously this year, with a slightly different feel to it with a lack of overseas buyers attending in the flesh.
In the previews, concern has been voiced that because of the restrictions of movement, those buyers will boycott the sales which, given the success rate of New Zealand horse in other Countries lately and indeed, for decades, I find very hard to believe. Still the proof will be in the pudding….or whatever that saying is!
What I do find slightly hypocritical is that the people involved in those previews are, at the same time, bemoaning the fact that many of our open class horses are being sold overseas. Okay that’s a separate issue, or is it?
The horses that have raced here and quite possibly reached their mark, in my mind through no fault of the handicapping system but due to small numbers in certain areas, have earned money for both their connections, particularly professional trainers, and the TAB, which as we all, well most of us, know provides the money to fund stakes.
So, on the one hand we are desperate for overseas buyers to get involved in the yearling sales buying horses that will, apart from their breeders, benefit no-one in this Country, but are equally desperate to retain our good horses that have already provided financial rewards to our local participants and the Industry in general. I’ll leave you decide which is the best option.
Pete Cook

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