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Published by Pete Cook in News · 30 August 2019
For a long time, one of the most common complaints we hear about trainers is their lack of communication with owners. Personally I have tended to take these complaints with some scepticism, because each individual trainer, and each individual owner, often have very different ideas of what ‘good communication’ consists of.
Anyway it seems the ideal answer to the problem has materialised in the form of an outfit called MiStable. It seems both efficient and affordable and may well save trainers from spending hours on phone calls, texts, or emails, along with satisfying the most demanding of owners. I understand you’ve all received the details, which I’ll copy below, but the Association recommends you give serious consideration to signing on this useful, and labour saving tool.
‘Harness Racing New Zealand is thrilled to announce that ownership communication company,, has put together a special offer exclusively for New Zealand harness racing trainers and syndicators.

MiStable is currently used by over 400 trainers and syndicators in both the thoroughbred and harness racing industry around Australasia and offers a simple to use and effective one stop shop for owner communication.

With over ten years' experience in the industry, the miStable programme allows trainers to send a message, video or audio file quickly and efficiently to a large group of owners - right from your smart phone.

It's fast, efficient, professional yet very easy to use, and it is very affordable, with packages for up to 15 horses starting at just AU $19 per month.

Send a quick message following a trial or workout, post a photo of their horse on the beach, record an audio or video interview update and send it to all of your owners within seconds.

Just a short update can mean the world to your owners and keep them feeling like part of the journey. Plus it's an easy way to promote your stable, leading the way with owner communication and the professional set up with the miStable format.

A number of harness racing trainers in New Zealand are already using miStable, including Cran and Chrissie Dalgety.

"MiStable has really helped simplify and streamline my communication with owners," explained Cran.

"It means that I can send a message to all of my owners, and they can watch it at their leisure as it can be hard for me to contact them all individually at a time that suits them."

"Usually by the time I get around to being able to call them it can be late at night, or during the day when they are working. So an update via miStable means that they can watch at a time that works best for them."

"It really has made things a lot faster and easier for me, but more importantly keeps my owners happy and well informed," said Cran.

As a special offer for the New Zealand harness racing industry, miStable have a limited time offer (expiring 31 December 2019):

- A 60 day trial on owner communications.

- Account set up, including the loading of horse details and owner contact details.

- A custom designed banner for your communications.

The crucial part being the account set up and support, as the team at miStable are on hand to assist you with learning to use the software and answer any questions you have.

If you have a smart phone, you can easily use miStable to promote your business and keep your customers up to date and informed in a fast and easy manner.

Other benefits of using miStable for trainers include:

- Unlimited updates

- Unlimited contacts

- No establishment fees

- No data upload fees

- No advertising in owner reports

- Speed and reliability with all reports

- High definition videos delivered through miStable compression magic

- Free website design and content creation- Professional + industry experienced content creators

The benefits don't stop with the trainer. There are also many benefits for owners, and with the recent launch of our new MiStable Owner App, miStable is now offering your owners the full digital experience with owner updates.

The best part? If an owner ever misses an update, they are all stored in their miStable account, which allows them easily revisit older updates in the one place if they wish!

For full information on how to join and take advantage of this wonderful offer, please visit or contact Jess Smith at Harness Racing New Zealand -

Once you create a new account, the miStable team will contact you directly to assist with the set up of your programme and answer any questions you may have.’

Pete Cook

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