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Claimers – Again

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 2 October 2020
Remember Claiming races? They’re those events where anyone is given the opportunity to either enter their horse with a purchase price on it or, alternatively, buy (or Claim) a horse out of the race, if necessary, by ballot. Of course, the other big advantage of such races, is that they are penalty free.
Well, following a survey of leading Canterbury trainers undertaken by the Greater Canterbury Branch, which resulted in 90% of the respondents indicating that they were interested in entering a horse in a $20k claiming race, it is proposed that such races will be programmed in the not too distant future, and hopefully receive the support that they deserve.
Given the number of horses floating around in the R40 to 60 grades, these races should provide both an opportunity to gain a penalty free win, but also to move a horse on for a reasonable price. Of course, it also gives owners and trainers the opportunity to pick up a horse at a realistic price, and maybe improve it by a change of environment, both in Canterbury or further afield.
With all the advantages detailed above, it is astonishing that these type of races haven’t taken off previously, particularly in Canterbury. Maybe the time is right for that to change.
Pete Cook

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