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Published by Pete Cook in News · 18 September 2020
At a recent meeting of the Northern Branch, matters discussed included driving fees for workouts, guidelines for rating groups in ATC maiden races, and fortnightly payment of stakes.

Also covered was a problem with parading behind the mobile at Alexandra Park, and the current numbers used by the Auckland club, which were considered impractical. There was also discussion on the new whip rules.
The Greater Canterbury Branch held its’ Annual General meeting with a better turnout than in recent years. Chair Ken Barron introduced a list of topics for discussion including the new whip rules, the staging of qualifying trials before workouts, and the retention of fortnightly payments to stake-holders.
Also up for consideration was a proposed new schedule for driver penalties, which generated some heated debate, the need for two competent and experienced race starters in the Greater Canterbury region, progress on the establishment of a Canterbury regional programming committee, and concern at the lack of junior concessions available in races in Canterbury, with a suggestion that a sliding scale be employed, with points concessions based on the number of wins a driver had achieved.
Also discussed under general business, was the change in the push out rule, a call for New Zealand to follow Australia in changing the racing year to a January start, the need for two clerks of the course at every meeting for health and safety reasons, and methods of contact with Association members.
Plenty of issues there!
Pete Cook

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