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A Weird Old Cup Week

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 16 November 2019

Apologies for a lack of updates recently due to personal and racing matters, but I have to say the last week has been one of the more unusual Cup weeks I can remember – and I’ve seen a few.
There can be no question that the year 2019 will be indelibly stamped on the memory of Blair Orange for the rest of his life, for both very bad and very good reasons. Hopefully the recent improvement in his fortunes and life will continue. I’m sure you know what I mean.
I can only imagine what odds you would have got at the start of the week that the All Stars would provide the winners of the two pacing Group One aged races, but Mark or Natalie wouldn’t drive either of them?
In the eyes of the punters and the so-called experts, both the Cup and Dominion were two horse races – except they weren’t. I’m picking the harness bookmakers would have celebrating long into the night after Show Day!
Of course, the icing on the cake was the win of Overzealous on Show Day for Margo and Pete - talk about Blair remembering this year! I reminded them of a statement they made to me a few years ago, that they never had horses good enough to be competitive at Addington. What an unbelievably gutsy mare, and an equally gutsy couple of people. We are so lucky to have them still with us.
In these times of so much negativity, our biggest week certainly gave us a few things to remind us why we follow this game with so much passion.
Pete Cook

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