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Team Teal

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 21 February 2020
There is no doubt that the Team Teal promotion is a wonderfully worthwhile promotion that has really taken off, both here and across the Tasman. Hopefully the money raised will help with the research and treatment of an awful affliction.

There are a couple of thoughts that the initiative raises in my somewhat outside the square mind. Firstly, while the participants in the harness industry are very aware of the teal pants concept, wouldn’t it be nice if those outside the game, other than those directly involved in the health sector, knew about our contributions. I don’t usually read publications like the Woman’s Weekly (well, maybe the odd time in the doctors waiting room) so this may have already been done, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the efforts of both the ladies, and the industry, be given some ‘mainstream’ acknowledgement in the print media, or even television. Heaven knows we need all the positive publicity we can get at the moment!

The other thing that the promotion highlights is the amazing success rate of our female drivers, when you suddenly realise how many winners they rein home week after week.

How much money would the teal pants promotion have raised twenty years ago…..not a lot, I’d wager. Girl power is here to stay!

Pete Cook

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