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Horses’ Birthday

Next week sees a Special meeting of Clubs and Kindred Bodies to decide whether or not to move the birthday of standardbreds in the Country from 1 August to 1 January, arguably one of the most momentous changes in the Industry for decades.
Pete Cook | 20/5/2021

New Animal Welfare Regulations

On 9th May 2021, new regulations under the Animal Welfare Act 1999 came into effect. These regulations clarify who can carry out certain surgical procedures on animals and how they should be done.
Pete Cook | 14/5/2021

Starting Points

Full credit to the Ashburton Trotting Club for responding to a request from the Trainers & Drivers Assn. to move their 1609m starting point back almost 100 metres to a 1700m start.
Pete Cook | 7/5/2021

National Council Meeting April 2021

When the Trainers & Drivers National Council met recently, a number of the topics covered were duplicates of those recorded at the Greater Canterbury meeting which was reviewed here last week, so may not be covered here.
Pete Cook | 29/4/2021

The Past in the Future

For old codgers like me, there is a satisfying sense of nostalgia when someone you either know, or that have a name you are familiar with from past years, win a race after a long time away from the victory dais.
Pete Cook | 8/4/2021

Mile Racing for Pensioners

I know mile (1609m) racing is the glamorous thing, although not so much as it used to be, and I understand that fast times are important for mares going into their breeding careers, but should it be programmed for average horses?
Pete Cook | 26/3/2021

Brain Drain

Well of course, I’m not specifically talking about the loss of creatures of high intelligence out of the Country when discussing the exodus of higher grade horses, more like physical ability. But hey, it’s a catchy phrase.
Pete Cook | 19/3/2021

Trevor Beaton

Normally I don’t highlight the passing of people in harness racing because if I did, sadly there would be little room for anything else.
Pete Cook | 11/3/2021
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