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I know it’s not directly related to harness racing, but having spoken to Dunedin vet and Forbury Park stalwart Peter Gillespie, who was directly involved in the incident, about the incident and heard his horrific description, it’s a matter that will touch the heart of all horse lovers.
Pete Cook | 20/6/2019

Horse Brands

The word from HRNZ is that micro-chipping of horses is being introduced in the near future, thereby eliminating the need for the ugly freeze brands on the necks of our standard-breds.
Pete Cook | 5/6/2019

Photo Finish Technology

I’m not big on a lot the new technology cluttering up the screens on Trackside, such as the absurd indicator of how many kilometres/hour the horse a traveling at.
Pete Cook | 30/5/2019

Late on Track

The RIU stewards have contacted the Association voicing their concern at a recent increase in the number of horses being presented late on the track at race meetings.
Pete Cook | 17/4/2019
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