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Published by Pete Cook in News · 20 June 2019
I know it’s not directly related to harness racing, but having spoken to Dunedin vet and Forbury Park stalwart Peter Gillespie, who was directly involved in the incident, about the incident and heard his horrific description, it’s a matter that will touch the heart of all horse lovers.

I’m talking about miniature horse Star who, last February was stabbed more than 40 times while tied up, then left to die in agony. Despite the efforts of Peter and his team, the poor creature didn’t survive. While it’s no consolation to the horse or his owners, the person (although he really doesn’t qualify for such a description) who (allegedly) carried out this cowardly torture has been caught and locked up, despite doubts that he would ever be found.

Initially I thought he could be up for a wet bus ticket slap, but apparently he could face a maximum of 5 years jail. How what he (allegedly) did could qualify as deserving anything other than the maximum penalty, is hard to imagine.

Here’s hoping he comes up before an animal loving judge.

Pete Cook

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