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Stable to Stirrup

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 23 April 2020
While the World understandably focuses on the welfare of the human race, those involved in anything to do with animals will be acutely aware of the effects the current situation can have on their charges. In racing, this is nothing new. Whenever horses are being worked and, hopefully in the near future, raced, there will inevitably some horses that are either not capable of competing, or are ready for retirement. In the past, there have been a few dedicated people who have put in a great deal of effort to assist in re-homing these animals, but with interest in animal welfare at a much higher level these days, the time has come for a more organised regime.

It is with those horses in mind that a group of standard-bred enthusiasts recently set up the aptly named Stable to Stirrup Charitable Trust. Their aim is to provide a safe, secure and professional environment for owners and trainers to send horses, knowing that they will be cared for, and have a future after their racing careers are over, whether it be in the show arena, or simply being ridden and enjoyed by fans of the breed. Whether you wish to assist in the establishment of the Trust by donations of money or covers etc., or think that they may be able to assist now, or in the future, more details can be found at their website

Pete Cook

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