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Racing Bill

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 14 February 2020
The following is the letter sent to HRNZ supporting their submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee considering aspects of the proposed Racing Bill.

“The National Council of the NZ Harness Racing Trainers & Drivers Association Inc. has recently been provided with a copy of Harness Racing New Zealand’s submission on the Racing Industry Bill.

Following consideration, the Association is pleased to advise the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee that it fully supports all aspects of the HRNZ submission on the Bill.

In particular, we are very supportive of the section concerning the RIU and JCA, being strongly against the proposal to combine the two bodies. Not only would the proposed new body erode the confidence of the betting public, but it would have the same effect on our licence-holder members, the sector of the Industry most affected by such a move.”

Pete Cook


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