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Photo Finish Technology

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 30 May 2019
I’m not big on a lot the new technology cluttering up the screens on Trackside, such as the absurd indicator of how many kilometres/hour the horse a traveling at. However, I reckon the announcement from the Racing Board below, is definitely a step in the right direction
“As part of the continuing roll out of our HD technology from the Vision Capture project we are now ready to introduce photo finish imagery as a consistent broadcast tool.
Over the years Trackside has battled with access to photo finish imagery due to inconsistent procedures and technology utilised by various clubs around the country, coupled with our ageing OB truck technology. This has always resulted in frustrating outcomes for many in the industry, and viewers alike. Our new OB’s provide us with the opportunity to restore a consistent approach to the use of photo finish imagery across the country.
We have discussed the regular use of the Photo Finish with the RIU and accept that as a broadcast unit the judge’s decision will always be final and our presenting team need to be very mindful of this when discussing the photos.
Our intention is to make the photo finish readily available with instant access. This regular feature will provide our viewers with both peace of mind and total transparency. We would like to seek clubs’ buy in and support in assisting as much as they can to facilitate the real-time use of photo finish images.
With all racing clubs on board to support the photo finish initiative we know that we can improve the post-race experience for viewers. The next stage of this initiative will be to work on speeding up our pay-out (resulting) processes - aimed at improving the customer experience and hopefully driving positive wagering outcomes.”
Pete Cook

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