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Published by Pete Cook in News · 7 August 2020
It is not a policy of the Trainers & Drivers Assn. to promote particular businesses, however when some entity volunteers to assist with an important matter, it seems only fair that we should offer some reciprocal favours.
Not for the first time, the Southland law firm of Preston Russell Law has kindly offered to assist in a case involving license-holder who has, for questionable reasons, found themselves facing a driving charge. Obviously, the question is, why was the matter not dealt with on race-day, and why should a driving charge need the services of a lawyer? Only the RIU and JCA can answer that one.
Having been made aware of the situation, and obviously feeling that the charge had little, if any, merit, Mary Jane Thomas, a member of a well-known Southland racing dynasty, has offered to represent the defendant in the hearing without a fee.
Sadly, there are members of the harness racing industry who sometimes need the assistance of an experienced legal mind to offset some of the seemingly above scrutiny actions of our present judicial system, and being steeped in the history of the game, Mary Jane is ideally placed to step in when needed.
Of course, to do this, she needs the support of the Company she works for, Preston Russell Law, and for that reason, we ask that if you have some business that requires legal assistance either within or outside harness racing, please contact them, and help those who help you. You will find an advertisement elsewhere on the site.
Pete Cook

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