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Mile Racing for Pensioners

I know mile (1609m) racing is the glamorous thing, although not so much as it used to be, and I understand that fast times are important for mares going into their breeding careers, but should it be programmed for average horses?
Pete Cook | 26/3/2021

Brain Drain

Well of course, I’m not specifically talking about the loss of creatures of high intelligence out of the Country when discussing the exodus of higher grade horses, more like physical ability. But hey, it’s a catchy phrase.
Pete Cook | 19/3/2021

Trevor Beaton

Normally I don’t highlight the passing of people in harness racing because if I did, sadly there would be little room for anything else.
Pete Cook | 11/3/2021


We have been advised of what would seem to be a great opportunity for a Junior Driver. Josh Dickie is looking for a Junior to join his stable, with a nice team of horses and accommodation available. Anyone interested can call him on 0210652714.
Pete Cook | 4/3/2021
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