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Qualifying Heats

In consultation with the RIU, the Canterbury Branch of the Association wishes to advise that, henceforth horses entered in qualifying heats with less than four nominations will automatically be transferred to a maiden heat of the same conditions, i.e. mobile or stand.
Pete Cook | 28/1/2021

Changing of the Guard

As most of the sane World watches and enjoys the ignominious departure of Donald Trump, it signals a very different approach to problems facing the Country he did his best to ruin.
Pete Cook | 21/1/2021

Not Again

Last year began with an incident that stunned the harness racing community in this Country, when we held our breath and waited for news on Ricky May. That episode, which thankfully had a happy outcome, was the ‘preview’ to a year that most people in the World would rate as one of the worst in history.
Pete Cook | 14/1/2021
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