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Back Into It

There’s no question that the whole World is going to look back at the year 2020 and shake their heads in disbelief. Whether what has happened is a one off, or something we’ll have to get used to in the future, no-one knows.
Pete Cook | 28/5/2020

Legible Brands

As racing gears up for its resumption, trainers around the country are being reminded to ensure that their horses’ brands can be easily identified.
Pete Cook | 19/5/2020

Synthetic trackes - White Elephants

I know I’m going to sound horribly ungrateful, but the recent announcement of a windfall for the “Racing Industry” is somewhat of a misnomer – what it actually amounts to is a prop up for the “Thoroughbred Racing Industry.’ In fact, it’s not really even a windfall or prop up for one code only, it’s a biased and politically motivated repayment gift.
Pete Cook | 13/5/2020

A Message from the Trainers & Drivers Assn.

Over the past 100 or so years, the World has gone through World wars, depressions, stock market crashes, natural disasters, (remember the Christchurch earthquakes – the fallout from that is far from over), and various serious health crises, that we have all read about and seen documentaries on.
Pete Cook | 7/5/2020


The following is a press release from Harness Racing Victoria issued on 16 April, regarding the effects of suspensions on drivers.
Pete Cook | 1/5/2020
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