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Stable to Stirrup

While the World understandably focuses on the welfare of the human race, those involved in anything to do with animals will be acutely aware of the effects the current situation can have on their charges.
Pete Cook | 23/4/2020

Down and Out – Maybe Not

Like many people at the moment, it’s a bit tough filling in the day on occasions so, after watching my archives of race winning videos (always good for the spirits), and becoming a bit bored with the tedium of the Australian races, I found myself flicking through a few of the old Trotting Annuals put out by the late Ron Bisman.
Pete Cook | 17/4/2020


Having been bombarded with information about what trainers and can and can’t do in the last few days, as part of what can only be described as an excellent effort by the HRNZ staff working from home, I thought it might be nice to have a look at another situation that is evolving in another part of the World and (thankfully) totally divorced from harness racing.
Pete Cook | 2/4/2020
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