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A Long Week

There’s an old saying that a week in politics is a long time. It’s fair to say that the past week has been one of, if not the, longest weeks in the history of this Country. So much has happened since last weekend it is almost impossible to comprehend.
Pete Cook | 28/3/2020

The Big C – The New One

Back in 2004, I travelled overseas to Italy and Egypt while the SARS epidemic was the virus ‘du jour’. The only effect it had on myself and my partner (apart from random tests at airports), was to drive away the crowds and improve the services immensely.
Pete Cook | 19/3/2020

Starters Meeting Pt.2

As advised last week, a meeting of all starters nationwide was held recently, and from all reports was both well received, and worthwhile. The meeting was hosted by HRNZ’s Peter Jensen and Darrin Williams, who participated from an industry point of view, especially on what could be done to help starts and improve procedure.
Pete Cook | 12/3/2020


The long awaited meeting of Race Starters from around the Country took place last Monday. At this stage, I have yet to hear any feedback, however the Trainers & Drivers were represented at the get together by Northern Chair Jay Abernethy and Jim Curtin.
Pete Cook | 5/3/2020
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