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Northern Grass

The lack of grass track opportunities in the Waikato this year is a real shame on a couple of levels. Given the experience in Canterbury, the difference between the number of people in attendance between an average meeting on the all-weather tracks, and the same meeting out in a country setting is often staggering.
Pete Cook | 31/1/2020

Trackside Radio

Given the current climate of major emphasis on animal welfare in the racing industry, it is difficult to understand the reason why Radio Trackside would wish to advertise, almost promote, unnecessarily, that excessive whip use is occurring, whether it be reduced or not.
Pete Cook | 16/1/2020

Unhappy New Year

Unfortunately, 2020 has already proved to be anything but a ‘happy new year’, for a number of our leading horsemen with the awful incident involving Ricky May being followed closely by a horrendous accident at Cambridge.
Pete Cook | 10/1/2020
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