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Methven Water Issues

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 4 April 2019
Following some complaints over a lack of water at last week’s Methven race meeting for washing horses, the Association approached the Methven club for an explanation, and received the following from Committee member Mike Heenan.
“Hi Pete
The complaints are justified - the situation has already been attended to successfully, and our club unreservedly apologises for any inconvenience. The water supply to those areas is an underground tank. The ballcock at the top malfunctioned, stopping it refilling, and because it is underground we did not realize until the wash problems. It took an age to refill and get any pressure again. In the finish we got the local fire brigade to pump enough water in to do the job. We fixed the ballcock yesterday, and anticipate no further problems. Any further complaints refer to the club but as I said should be all good.
Unfortunate, especially on such a hot day, but a most satisfactory and immediate response from the Club, after what was otherwise a great day of racing.
Pete Cook

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