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Life –Changing Fate

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 7 February 2019

If ever there was an occurrence that brings home that old adage  that you should live every day as if it’s your last, it was the horrific  experience two of the best-loved people in our Industry suffered on Waitangi  Day.
If they had been five seconds earlier or five seconds later on that road, I  wouldn’t be writing this, and their lives would be chugging along happily as  they have done for years, caring for their beloved horses, and lining them up at  race meetings all over the South Island.
With no apology whatsoever for being rather mushy and sentimental, not for  the first time their misfortune has brought out the best in the participants in  harness racing, showing the World that an industry that is currently under  public scrutiny and pressure from several quarters, has a huge heart, and an  unswerving willingness to help it’s fellow participants in their hour of  need.
To see such instant support materialise makes me proud to be a part of it,  and reminds us all what a special game we are involved in. Needless to say,  Margo and Pete’s needs will be on-going so if you haven’t already contributed to  their help fund, please do so.
I have been made aware that, while the ‘Give a Little’ idea is a very worthy  exercise, the site does take what some consider to be a rather over-sized  percentage of any money collected, so the following dedicated bank account has  been set up for any further donations, where all money collected will go to the  needy recipients.
Pete Cook

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