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Junior Driver Savings Scheme

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Published by Pete Cook in News · 5 September 2019
The Trainers & Drivers Association welcomes, and fully supports the recent establishment of a scheme whereby young industry participants can have a percentage of their driving fees deposited in a form of trust.
Some of us have vague memories of being young and having decent sums of money for the first time, and having that perfectly natural urge to blow it on whatever took our fancy. Of course there is no suggestion that, in those young years, people shouldn’t enjoy themselves, but the chance to put a small amount (or a large one, if they are so inclined) aside for when life gets a little tougher, can only be positive. Apprentice jockeys have had a similar  facility for many years.
According to the youth Council arm of HRNZ, “Junior Drivers will work with a registered Financial Adviser who will discuss options with them and develop an individual plan.
The Hammock Group are advisers for a New Zealand owned and operated investment specialist, Booster. Booster is a well-established, gold-rated, award winning, certified socially responsible Kiwi Saver and investment provider who are committed to getting New Zealanders on the financial front foot and currently manage 100,000’s of New Zealanders investments for them. Booster is a Government chosen default provider and will be used to manage the portion of money that is to be saved by the Junior Driver.”
Thanks must go to Matt Golding (Stevie’s brother) for his assistance in the setting up, and on-going participation in the scheme. Apparently he will be touching base with all licensed Juniors to discuss their needs and wishes.
Members are urged to either participate, or to encourage young people who they are associated with, to at least investigate the idea, as having a nest egg when you leave the Junior ranks will be a significant boost in both confidence and financial security, when it may be sorely needed.
Pete Cook

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