Change of Personnel

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Change of Personnel

NZ Harness Trainers & Drivers Assn
Published by Pete Cook in News · 26 November 2020
The National Council meeting this week saw a significant change in personnel, particularly in relation to Northern representation.

The meeting began with the receipt of a letter of resignation from Interim Chair Gordon Lee after some 30 years of serving on the Trainers & Drivers Ass. in one form or another. In it, Gordon says how proud he was to have served the Association, and of what it has achieved in that time. He goes on to say: “The NZT&DA is of extreme importance to the Harness Racing Industry. This body has a huge role to play in the democratic union on behalf of a vast number of members, being the trainers and drivers who produce the product that satisfies the breeders, owners, and punters. Therefore this body must act responsibly and relay those feelings in a consultative manner to officialdom whereby we may rebuild a lost healthy relationship we once enjoyed.”
There was only one nomination for the position of Chair, and that was Derek Balle, a very successful and well-respected North Island trainer, who has been involved with the Northern Branch for many years, and also ably represented horsemen on various committees involving local Clubs, in particular Auckland.
Following the resignation of Peter Blanchard, Scott Phelan, has joined Jay Abernethy as Northern reps on the National Council, with Ken Barron and Jamie Gameson from Greater Canterbury, and Geoff Knight from Otago/Southland.
Meeting summary next week.

Pete Cook

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