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The Future – Good or Bad

To someone who didn’t even bother to turn up to the School Certificate Science exam, this is way above my head, but for those who can understand it, hopefully it makes interesting reading for the future of our Industry.
Pete Cook | 15/3/2019

Poor Relation or Just Bias

It’s nothing new for precious harness fans to get the impression that Trackside looks upon their code as the second class citizen, and given the percentage betting figures, there is some justification in that.
Pete Cook | 7/3/2019

Gear Notification & Discretion

“Trainers should be aware of changes to the Notifiable Gear Rules and Regulations which have recently been made. It is now necessary for trainers to notify Harness Racing New Zealand when their horse is to wear a cornell collar or any external anti-choke device.
Pete Cook | 28/2/2019

Open Letter to Michael Guerin

First of all, I agree that there is room for improvement in the standard and consistency of starting procedures in this Country. In May last year the Trainers & Drivers National Council was advised by the RIU that a meeting of all starters (even though there have been two previous that achieved little) would be held at some stage to discuss how things could be improved. To date that hasn’t happened.
Pete Cook | 23/2/2019

Field Selection

It’s less prevalent nowadays, but I still hear the odd owner grizzling about a lack of communication from their trainer. I accept that not all trainers are experts in that field, and there is always room for improvement. However there are ways that other industry participants can make to easier for these people to ply their trade, and make decisions on behalf of owners.
Pete Cook | 7/2/2019

Life –Changing Fate

If ever there was an occurrence that brings home that old adage that you should live every day as if it’s your last, it was the horrific experience two of the best-loved people in our Industry suffered on Waitangi Day.
Pete Cook | 7/2/2019


You probably don’t need to be told that, despite the relatively quiet night the Kiwis experienced at Melton the other night, our horses have an almost unbelievable record across the Tasman.
Pete Cook | 1/2/2019

Technology Overkill

I know I’m going to be accused of being a fossil (not for the first time), and of criticising progress, but I reckon that, in our industry, there is a certain amount of technology for technology’s sake creeping in that is simply unnecessary, and waste of money that we can’t afford.
Pete Cook | 25/1/2019

Watershed Year

Like most of you, I had no idea what that word ‘watershed’ meant until I googled it (see above), or how it came to relate to major changes in a particular sphere. So, while I’m reluctant to use words I don’t really understand, it just sort of fits when I look ahead and imagine how 2019 is going to shape up.
Pete Cook | 18/1/2019

One Clear Day Chart

The below charts are provided to help guide participants in understanding the rules for prohibited treatments or administration in the period prior to races/trials.
The charts are assisted by visually showing the day on which certain treatments or administrations can occur.
Pete Cook | 9/1/2019
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