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New Zealand Harness Racing Trainers & Drivers:
A Powerful Association for the Industry

The New Zealand Harness Racing Trainers and Drivers Association Incorporated is a reputable organisation that has been representing all license-holders in the industry for many years. Whether you are a trainer, driver, or stable-hand, full-time or part-time, this association is here to support and guide you in your career.
Evolution of the Association
Initially, the Association operated on a regional basis with branches in Auckland, Christchurch, and Invercargill. While this provided some level of support, it was not until the Association gained representation on the Harness Racing New Zealand Executive that a Constitution was established and a National Council was formed. The National Council comprises representatives from three key regions - the Northern Branch, the Greater Canterbury Branch, and the Otago/Southland Branch.
Importance of the National Council
The National Council plays a vital role in the industry, meeting twice a year in Auckland and Christchurch. These meetings are crucial for discussing various matters of interest and resolving contentious issues through robust discussions. Additionally, regular monthly meetings of the Northern and Greater Canterbury Branches ensure that the association remains connected with its members.
Collaborations and Representation
The Association is actively involved in various industry bodies such as the Sires Stakes Board, the NZ Equine Industry Training Organisation, and Area Licensing Committees. By having representatives in these organisations, the association can ensure that the voices of trainers and breeders are heard and their interests are represented.
Partnerships for Progress
To improve conditions for trainers and drivers, the association maintains regular contact with government departments, the New Zealand Racing Board, Harness Racing New Zealand, and individual clubs. By working together harmoniously, license-holders can contribute to the overall benefit of the industry.
Supporting Trainers and Drivers
The Otago/Southland Branch provides valuable insights and input into regional meetings, fostering collaboration between clubs, trainers, and drivers. This partnership is essential for the growth and development of the industry, ensuring that all stakeholders are working towards a common goal.

The New Zealand Harness Racing Trainers and Drivers Association Incorporated plays a pivotal role in supporting and representing the interests of license-holders in the industry. With a strong focus on collaboration, partnership, and progress, this association is a driving force for the growth and development of harness racing in New Zealand.

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