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Anthony MacDonald National Seminars - September 2018

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Free Counselling

Should any of our members require counselling or simply someone to speak to, you can contact Andrew McKerrow locally on 029 7712398, or refer to the link on this site. We understand that several people have already availed themselves of this opportunity, so don’t hesitate to seek help if required.

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Dark Days

The happenings of the last couple of weeks have been difficult to comprehend for any follower of harness racing, and things aren’t going to get better for a long time, if ever.

As for the allegations of the last few days surrounding Industry participants, having refused requests for media interviews, the Association is not going to comment on a matter being dealt with by police. Having said that, if these people are found guilty, they have ruined their own lives, that of their families, and affected every single person in the close knit harness community…….all for the sake of their selfish greed and a few dollars. You sort of want it to be a dream, but sadly it isn’t.

Anyway, I had planned to write about the Messara Report this week, even though it all but ignored the existence of harness racing in its’ pages. Not surprising I suppose when it was revealed that our Minister of Thoroughbreds….oops I mean Racing had, despite claims to the contrary, given a clear mandate that the gallopers were to be the main thrust of the report’s findings. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, given the very public financial backing Mr. Peters received from the monied brigade in the Waikato to get into Parliament, let alone Deputy prime Minister, despite no-one actually voting for him. But don’t get me started on the farcical MMP voting system!

Of course in his speeches, including the second thought one at Cambridge when he was informed by myself and probably others, that there was a race meeting on at the same time and in the same city as his big show, the Minister of T’s reassured everyone that the other two codes would be better off, although details of how that would eventuate were sketchy to say the least.

From subsequent reports it appears that Mr.Messara was pretty sketchy in his research into Club situations and tracks closures of anywhere South of Palmerston North. What a surprise. The whole thing smacks of Third World politics.

There is obviously a lot of water still to flow under the bridge before anything concrete happens, all harness racing can realistically do is sit back and watch developments. In both situations.

Like I said, dark days.

Pete Cook

Addington Owners Night

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