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Financial Freedom

The Greater Canterbury Branch has recently been approached by HRNZ to promote what is a valuable guide on how to run the financial side of both your life and/or your business. While you might think this is another of those seminars that waffle on and teach you nothing, the guy running it comes highly recommended by leading trainer Mark Jones, who described it as life changing. For the sake of the admission cost of $75, that sounds like a pretty good deal, so don’t miss out and register now, numbers are limited.

Most of us are on a path of financial stress and frustration despite our best efforts. This seminar is packed with highly specialised information on financial freedom, and is a life changing experience for those desiring to better their financial life. It will dispel many of the myths around creating financial freedom, and you will leave with a specific understanding of what financial freedom is for you, as well as a detailed step by step strategy for attaining it.

Topics covered include what is financial freedom, what is the difference between the road to financial frustration and the road to financial freedom, why you keep falling short of your financial goals and what can you do to change your direction, how to improve your business results, as well as a number hidden keys to financial success.

Run in conjunction with the Canterbury Branch of the Trainer & Drivers Association

Date: Monday 6th August

Time: 5.30pm

Venue: Harness Racing NZ building, First Level, 17 Birmingham Drive, Middleton

Cost: $75 (Actual cost is $150 per person but HRNZ are happy to cover half of this cost)

RSVP: Monday 30th July to Peter Cook e: peteceec@gmail.com Ph: 03-343-3713 or Natalie Gameson e: natalie@hrnz.co.nz m: 021-936-155

Limited to the first 30 people. Drinks and finger food will be provided.

HRNZ Board

It’s only human nature to question and disagree with decisions made by people who decide the direction and future of the Industry that you are involved in, and it’s no different with the HRNZ Board.

As has been illustrated numerous times in harness racing, what some think are brilliant ideas, others question the sanity and/or parentage of those who made them. An article I read the other day brought matters into perspective slightly, and I thought it relevant to share with those of you who aren’t either informed or interested in such matters, much like me.

It was about directors fees that are apparently sky-rocketing in most walks of life. The Institute of Directors Chief Executive was quoted as saying that directors fees varied, with bigger listed companies attracting highly skilled and experienced directors. She advised that the upper level of fees for non-executive directors of the highest values companies was $120k.

Apparently the median director’s fee in this Country is $44k, which took into account the lowest fees for non-profit organisations at $25k.

Okay, you’re asking, that’s very interesting, but what the hell’s it got to with harness racing. Just this, the guys who spend many, many hours trawling through agendas of HRNZ Board matters and attend countless meetings, are paid the princely sum of $10k per annum.

Maybe we are pretty lucky to have passionate people who are willing to do the job for relative peanuts.

Pete Cook

Canterbury Combined Awards Dinner

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Junior Drivers Opportunities

It’s a bit difficult to fathom the thinking of some people in this game sometimes. This week saw the opportunity to line your horse up in an $10k penalty-free race for Junior drivers at Addington, and the race attracted 6 nominations (one of which accepted for Forbury the night before). Not surprisingly the Club didn’t run it.

There’s a few things to take in here. There are more junior drivers in Canterbury than any other part of the Country, yet the month of June has seen one, yes one, race programmed for them in their home area, (yet another reason why the Nelson and Marlborough Clubs should race in Canterbury). And it attracted six entries! There were four Canterbury horses accepted for the Forbury race, which, if they had gone for Addington, the race would have been run. The Otago area, including Oamaru, has seen seven, yes seven, races for junior drivers in the month of June, and all have attracted reasonable fields.

Next time I get someone bleating to me about the lack of opportunities for our young industry participants, guess how I’ll be answering them.

Pete Cook








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